2021 Spring Session Online

2 levels - General or Vanguard

April 12 - June 7

Weekly 1 hour Zoom Meetings

General level

Mondays 5:30-6:30pm

Vanguard level
Mondays 7-8pm

General Level

All PYJO students are welcome here & we are excited to add new musicians to the program. If you are new to us, and unsure which level, simply check in by email to determine General vs Vanguard.

For former PYJO 1 & 2 students, this will be fun! The charts have well suited challenges & are a good opportunity for all of you to work on soloing.

If you are inexperienced at Jazz or were last in PYJO Pops! or PYJO 3, this will stretch your abilities. Many of you (from PYJO Pops & 3)were ready to move up for the fall of 2020, we are excited to help you & welcome new Jazzers. If you want to learn, we want you to participate!

Vanguard Level

PYJO Vanguard members are a mixture of advancing professionals, band directors, college students & top high school musicians. PYJO 1 students are welcome to rise to the challenge & join us in Vanguard this fall! The music is much more challenging & the solo concepts are more advanced than the General Level.

If you have less time or were on the new side to PYJO 1 (a solid high school level), you may want to stick with the general level. We will always find new challenges if you need them.

What We’ve Learned

After 3 sessions of online PYJO,(one a recording session, the other online zoom meetings/videos) and discussions with PYJO families, we have learned that a mixture of these ingredients would serve students the best.

Students need to meet to feel accountable & to get bursts of motivation from us & each other.

They also need self-paced side projects that push them to the next level.

Self-Paced Video Learning

You can also sign up for Self-Paced Video Learning. Topics such as tune learning skills, improvisation concepts, theory topics, groove etc will be included. via archives from our spring & summer classes. Students can pick level appropriate challenges & work at their own pace. Questions can be emailed in.

Interactive Parts

Everyone will work on two charts, one Big Band & one small group. These will have specially made interactive play alongs to practice with.

Track 1- Has your part removed (so you can practice that lead part over the band etc)

Track 2 - Has your part as the focus so you can hear exactly how it should sound. This is for practicing style & accuracy.

2 levels General or Vanguard

Optional Recording

Record your parts! Be part of the history of PYJO by recording the parts you worked so hard on. We can’t have a concert during a pandemic, but we can have a lasting recording.

Recordings can be made on your own using phones or any level of recording gear you have. IF possible, we can record your part or maybe your section at Bspace on our pro gear. (Pending safety of in person meetings/opening)

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of recording yourself? Or just too busy? We are totally OK with you participating in the session & keeping up as best as you can.

The recording is OPTIONAL! NO STRESS!

We want music to be in your life!

Take advantage of being cooped up. Log in practice hours that you may NEVER have time for when post-pandemic life starts up again.

The hours you log in during this time will follow you through the rest of your musical lives.

New Students

LEARN to PLAY it, HEAR it, TEACH it!

Returning Students

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PYJO Alumni are around the world spreading music!

Beyond just musicians, PYJO alumni have branched out to many fields in music: College music professors, ethnomusicologists, radio hosts, band directors, private music instructors, touring musicians, L.A. studio musicians, composers, arrangers, booking agents, software developers, bandleaders, studio engineers & more. Not to mention the doctors, rocket scientists & others who still play music to relax!

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