Summer Music

2018 Workshops & Classes

Funk 'n' Groove Workshop
June 18-22
Rehearsals: 6-9pm June 18-20
Performance: Fri, June 22 with Mystery Seed at Mississippi Pizza 3552 N Mississippi-PDX 6pm
Ages: 14 - Adult
Ability Level: Advanced - Young Professional
Instruments: Guitar, Piano/Keys/Organ, Bass, Vocals, Drums/Percussion, Saxophone, Trumpet & Trombone
Description: This popular class fills up quickly! Students put together a set of funk tunes that are ready to perform in only 3 days. Ability to learn tunes quickly is a must!
Cost: $200

Jazz Improv Boot Camp
TUESDAYS      June 26 - August 28
Classes: 4:30-6:00pm
Instruments: Any      Ages: All
Ability level: Intermediate/Advanced
Description: Experience is key to becoming a good improviser. It takes hundreds of choruses to truly feel confident. That confidence leads to openly creating on the spot, using planned vocabulary successfully & feeling free enough to have reactive conversations with other band members. The class will study 1-2 Jazz standard Tunes each week, working on the melody, chord changes, Solo techniques, listening skills, rhythmic concepts, Patterns in 12 keys & the roles of each member of the Jazz combo. This gives a huge boost to their understanding of improvisation & chord changes. No class July 4th!
Cost: $350 for series or $185 for half series (5 selected dates)

Jazz Composition Performance Class
TUESDAYS      June 26-August 28
Classes: 11:30am-1pm
Performance date/time: TBA
Instruments: Any   Ages: 15+
Ability level: Advanced - Professional
Description: This class offers serious student musicians and professionals a composition performance series. Topics include: performance ear training, advanced composition, orchestration, melodic analysis and the application of challenging harmonies. Instructor, Ben Medler, will compose several new works for the class. Student compositions will be added. All songs will be video recorded at the performance or in class.
Cost: $350
Advanced Improv Skills
THURSDAYS      June 28 - August 30
Classes: 11:30am-1:00pm
Instruments: Any      Ages: 15 - Adult
Ability level: Advanced/Professional
Description: A deep study of solo techniques including reharmonization, various solo styles & vocabulary. Modal playing, sequencing, coltrane changes & more! A class for experienced improvisors with a strong knowledge of theory to practice expanding their vocabulary & have reactive conversations with other band members.
Cost: $350 for series or $185 for half series (5 selected dates)

Music Games - PYJO Pops! Series
THURSDAYS      June 28-August 30
Classes: 6:15-7:30pm
Ages: 8+
Ability level: Beginning - Young Intermediate / 1-2 years experience on instrument
Instruments: Any Band or Orchestra instruments including Piano/Keyboard, guitar, bass, drums.
Description: Ready? Set. GO! Let the games begin! A fun approach to learning more about music & improving instrumental skills. Music games & challenges like finger races, long tone challenges, notation games, tone wars and more! As well as early sound recording / tracking music experience. Focus on keeping music fun while keeping kids on their instruments for the summer.
Cost: $300 or $170 for half series (5 selected dates)
Trombone Workshop / Studio Session
Wednesdays June 27 - Aug 15 (no rehearsal July 4th)
Rehearsals: 7-8:45pm
August 15 Recording Session: 7-10pm
Ages: All       Ability level: Intermediate/Advanced/Professional
(3+ years experience on the trombone)     Instruments: Trombone or Bass Trombone
Description: A MUST for ALL TROMBONISTS! This is a trombone masterclass plus a recording session on August 15, 7-10pm. In addition to preparing large ensemble pieces, students will learn trombone-specific techniques for practicing, warm-ups, tone & air development, slide techniques & approaching all styles of music.(Less experienced trombonists should sign up for music games.)
Cost: $275
Modern Music Techniques
Thursdays: July 12 - 26
Classes: 6:45-9pm
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Instruments: Any
This class offers an understanding of how music theory opens the doors to composition & how to use modern recording techniques to explore creativity. By studying the building blocks of composing & music theory, students will find that Jazz improvisation becomes easier & more fun.
Throughout the class, students will learn how recording software paired with music writing software can be a fun & accessible way to begin writing their own music and getting it played. An essential piece of the music track, this class gives students a big head start to college and helps develop creativity & logic skills that show a global understanding of music. A great way to use both sides of the brain!
Cost: $185
dates coming soon
Times: coming soon
Ages: All Ages
Ability Level: Intermediate - Professional
Instruments: Any
Description: This is new & more info coming soon.
Private Lessons
All Ages / All Levels
Lessons available for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Drums/percussion, Piano, Guitar, Bass (electric & upright) and Voice. Scheduling & cost is set with the instructor.