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We ask all NEW & RETURNING students to sign-up on our new Google Form. Thanks!

Summer Registration

During the summer PYJO offers workshops and weekly classes. The sign-up forms for summer are below.

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New Students

LEARN to PLAY it, HEAR it, TEACH it!

How do I Join PYJO?
-The first step is to decide which band you believe you belong in and check the class times to see if they fit in your schedule.

-There is NO Audition or Placement process needed to Join PYJO Online General Level or Self-Paced Classes. Just sign-up & ENJOY!

-To join PYJO Vanguard Online there is no audition, but you will be playing professional level music with professional musicians or very advanced students.

The idea is to make sure that musicians in each band are on a similar level and that every student is challenged at an appropriate pace. Please contact the directors via email to discuss placement if you are unsure.

-PYJO Bands Run October through June. There are 3 Sessions: Fall / Winter / Spring.  Summer classes and workshops are also available.